Andrew Palmer

In June 2017 Andrew Palmer met and worked with local beekeepers.

In the natural world the bee colony is organised through communal activity and a strict hierarchy. In beekeeping this system is assisted by the invisible hand of the beekeeper who creates the optimum conditions for bees to make honey. With the help of James Allen and James Green, Andrew collected 2 swarms, re-queened a Queenless hive and relocated a colony of bees.

Palmers enigmatic works are complex and beautiful. The residency gave him time to build research materials that are feeding into the development of a new body of paintings. The preparatory paintings made in Zennor were part of this development and his new line of enquiry relating to the military industrial complex, marks a significant and exciting change in his practice.

Andrew’s residency culminated in an event held at CAST, Helston on June 30th.  Two paintings and sculpture were displayed alongside various research materials including a video showing the terms and phrases used by corporations and organisations imposed over footage of the natural phenomena in Zennor. Guests were invited to speak. Jonty Lees talked about Beekeeping in Cornwall. Andrew Palmer spoke about a mysterious experience of deception by Hypnosis. Oliver Scott, a digital artist, described stream of consciousness Internet surfing on a new computer that confounded Google which in turn blocked him from using their service. The three presentations shared a number of connected themes including networks, negation and ancient forms of communication.

Image: Presentation at CAST June 30th, 2017.