Mildred Rambaud


Zennor Project Space works with artists and the local community to share ideas, knowledge and experiences. The impact of this exchange is ongoing.

The first artist, Mildred Rambaud met stargazers from a variety of disciplines. Astronomers, astrologers, naturalists and enthusiasts all shared their time and knowledge generously.

Vivian Stratton told Mildred about a series of Planetarium Experiments conducted in 1958 by Franz and Eleonore Sauer who studied the way migrating birds use starlight to navigate. Members of the Cornwall Astronomy Society described how the North Star Polaris could be identified, essential when polar aligning a telescope to photograph the cosmos. Astrologer Nick Bradford explained how one planet’s proximity to another can create a tension similar to that experienced when people swap seats at a table.

West Penwith is notable for having little or no light pollution. Dark-sky status is an ambition many in the community are working towards. The Cornwall Astronomy Society has offered to visit Zennor Project Space during 2017 to observe a meteor shower and to meet with new stargazers.

Works created by Mildred during the residency include a number of drawings, small scale sculpture and a large outdoor work entitled La grande dame – Madame Volcan looking for her head. We are very grateful to Mildred and all those who have lent support.

Image: Medallion (2017), courtesy the artist.